FireFly Lights by Nola Lights

Permanent LED Exterior Security Lighting

Prevent A Break In

Although light cannot keep a burglar from breaking into your home, it can make it easier for you or your neighbor to see someone lurking or trying to get inside so you can prevent it or call the police faster.


Permanent Exterior LED Lighting can help deter crime with nightly timers and light up the premises for your security cameras.

Light It UP

Our system produces enough light to be the primary light source for your Home or Business complementing  cameras or doorbells with video function within range of the lights.


Security cameras are useless if there’s not enough light to pick up the perpetrators face or license plate.

Permanent LED Exterior Security Lighting


We have also heard from our customers that our lights have especially reduced how many amazon boxes go missing, even in low crime areas.


By adding more light, security cameras and doorbells with video function are better able to provide enough light to pickup the perpetrators face or license plate!